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IT Wake Limited was established in 2012. It is a spin-off company from e-Learning Development Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong. The co-founders developed an e-learning solution while they participated in a Sichuan reconstruction project in 2009 after the earthquake. They developed a solution called iClass, which is an interactive teaching and learning solutions for schools. In 2011, schools and publishers found that iClass was powerful, they demanded for acquiring such a solution. The company’s mission is to uplift the standard of e-learning environments for schools in the world. IT Wake targets to contribute to education through our advanced and innovative ICT technologies.

Versitech Limited, the Technology Transfer Office of HKU, licensed iClass to IT Wake in 2012. There are 500+ schools worldwide registered for their services. Resellers had been established in Hong Kong and China. IT Wake is an alumni of Cyberport Incubation Programme and Accelerate Cambridge, and they are also a member of AWS EdStart.

Awards and Recognitions

EdTech Startup Accelerator
Cambridge Judge Business School Accelerator Programme
Best Life Style Award (Special Mention)
Best ICT Startup Award
Best Green ICT Award
On-site incubation (Graduated)
Young ICT Achiever Award (Merits)
Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (Grantee)
Best Life Style Award
Best Ubiquitous Networking Award
Best Ubiquitous Networking Award
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School Administration 學校行政管理及應用

Mobile Device Management
Assignment Management System
Parents App
Document Management System
Meeting Management System
Alumni Information System
School App, Online Platform SSO Integration
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Learning Management 學習管理

Learning Management System
Corporate Training System
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STEM Education ‧ STEM 教育

STEM Coding Course for mBOT
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e-Textbook ‧ 電子教科書及教材系列

(Products from Hong Kong Unific Publishing Ltd. ‧ 一域出版有限公司代理產品)
Primary Mathematics e-Textbook
Jr. Secondary Computer Literacy e-Textbook
Jr. Secondary Geography e-Textbook
Grammar and Prepositions (Primary School)
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HKU e-Learning Lab
Research partner
Hong Kong Cyberport
Incubation (alumni)
Versitech Ltd.
HKU Technology Transfer
Bull.b Tech
Project Partner
Ming Pao Education
Publishing partner
Publishing partner
Senco Masslink
Sales Partner
HKT Education
Sales Partner
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港大三子 零成本創 iClass

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